Who’s FREYjA?

An Australian singer-songwriter based in London and Paris. With a background in theatre and television, she knows how to sell a song. She has been said to “mesmerise the audience with her sensual presence” and her blend of soulful, lyrical, folk and jazz songs. She has recorded five albums. Two in Sydney and three in Paris where lived and performed for several years. Her final album has not been released. She also has a Live in London album on its way.

FREYjA has had many lives: as an intrepid wordsmith saddling horses in Ecuador where she penned two of her five albums (hence the latin influence); chalking up festivals all over the world including performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Woodford, Rome, New York & many more; as a soloist before 47,000 rugby fans at Stadium Australia singing La Marseillaise; stomping the boards at the Sydney Theatre Company & Sydney Opera House; appearing in numerous Australian television series… and now on a quest to conquer the hearts of London!

FREYjA is also known as Rebecca Rennie and is penning her first novel (about sirens). She has co-written a musical series of children’s books called Paris Bear. She currently runs five choirs in London and a summer singing camp in Europe.

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