CD Stock Clearance

Hello my people!
Who can keep up in this day and age? Certainly not I! It has only just now come to my attention that the links on the sales page are not working. Well my friends – this is where you step in! Now that the links to CD Baby are back up and running I need you to take stock and double check DO YOU HAVE ALL THE FREYjA ALBUMS. There are currently four on sale and we need to clear “FREYjA with Rebecca Rennie” and “Not That Girl” urgently – before I can get my next album up there.

Surely some of you are old school enough to enjoy the occasional hard copy of an album? “Not That Girl” even has a little diary in the booklet about the recording process.

Here is the link to CD Baby: BUY NOW! No matter where you are in the world, the albums should arrive within a week. Prices have been cut to encourage you. Every little bit helps this artist out so awfully very much.

Only the other day I received this beautiful message from someone in Australia who said they had walked into a shop in a village in the countryside and my music was playing. It is an incredible feeling to know that I am sleeping on one side of the world whilst my spirit is singing on the other! Thank you in advance for enjoying my songs. Eternally in music & poetry. FREYjA

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Cover The Hole

There are some songs I still revisit – I play them to myself on piano or guitar by candlelight in solitude. This is one of them. I remember exactly where I was sitting, in Chatou, outside Paris, on a piano stool, at a grand piano (but playing guitar – which I do not often do, believe me! Especially when I am seated at a grand piano). I had finished composing “Billie” and it was pouring with rain outside. It is often raining when I compose a new song. The chocolate labrador, Wilbur, whom I was minding for the entire heavenly summer was lying on the floor.

A shower of melancholy set in. Memories of childhood. All the little pieces of life buried within, rippled up to the surface and out came a riff on the guitar. The lyrics flowed out of me in one gush, first in English and then in French (with some help a week later from Parisian producer / songwriter Mykey Tee).

I think “Cover the Hole” remains up there as runner up (after The Magician) for a song which took the most out of me.


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Fare Ye Well and Good Riddance 2016

Ok, so it wasn’t all bad, that is true, but it was pretty ghastly at times. Very hard work, was 2016.

You may be wondering where I have been since my last post all those months ago.

Well, I’ve been focusing on my choirs. I have four of them now – two for kids and two for adults plus a summer camp in Europe coming up.

Arranging choir songs like fury – from every decade of the twentieth century. Basking in the smiles and warmth which comes from working with folk  who love to sing, who lap up the learning and who bring me so much joy. We did our first little gig this year at the pub which was the first pub Bob Dylan played in London.

Also putting a little project together hiring buskers from all over London (and hopefully the world eventually) to record different versions of the FREYjA song The Magician. In memory of my Dad.

My novel is getting closer to completion. 120,000 words now. The committed hunt for an agent will start for true this year. As soon as first draft is completed.

I have not been on stage for a long time. I have to admit I do not know when I will next find the courage to do so. I had an accident which set me back somewhat, even more poignantly, I lost some souls who were very dear to me indeed. Life sometimes takes the wind out of one’s sails but one must ever-count the blessings left behind in the fallout. There is much  healing to be done yet.

Slowly but surely. Onward spiritual soldiers.

ps. CDs are on sale at CDBAby. Buy four for the price of two. They will arrive to you in a week no matter where you are in the world. Click on the right links at this site to buy. Or of course, buy song by song on iTunes

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Turning the Full Circle

To the Full Circle:

Finding certain synchronicities and connections in life so filled with mystery all I can do is wonder at them. One can be intimate with both the might and the vulnerability of the entire universe in one instant. I believe this is what a large portion of the world refers to as a moving God.

I live half my life in utter awe and the other half either doing paper work (a special mundane hell unto itself) or numbed – aghast at human carelessness and indifference. How to ever reconcile these things? No idea….but…

Last night, when I played a grand piano and sang for almost an hour in the church whilst I awaited our choir I realised – Ah, yes I do have an idea…I will create a song…a book…a prayer…

It has been so long since I played piano. I miss it so. I miss being on stage and singing. It has been too long. I am coming back to myself and it is the inspiration of people around me who have helped me arrive here. Thank you.

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Battle of The Somme Commemoration

Battle of The Somme commemoration. I will preface this by saying that my mother is German and my father British (grew up in Australia) and that both parents lost their fathers in WWII. They met in the sixties in London at a central tube station. The legacies of WWI WWII and ALL wars before have been passed down through generations. My family has been, and still is being, torn apart in so many ways as a result of the grief which my parents carried down the line with the loss of their fathers. And so the wars of 100 years ago are still living with me, personally, every single day. The repercussions of war are everlasting….

Why is this coming up today? Last night a friend played 1st violin in the orchestra which accompanied (live) the silent movie The Battle of the Somme. In a magnificent church in London a few stops from where my parents first met all those decades ago. Laura Rossi’s composition was subtle at times, rumbling with instruments simulating thunder or aircraft sounds and canon/ gun fire at others. Always spot-on in-synch with the deathly shots we viewed before us on this huge screen. I was not prepared for the impact of this experience at all. At all, I say! This orchestral piece will be played live to the film 100 times…that is their goal. If it comes your way, go see it.

The faces of these young Englishmen up close in their trenches, any one of which could have been my ancestor. The way they rounded up their German prisoners of war, again, any one of which could have been my ancestor. Many soldiers we watched jolly it up with a tin can soup would be dead in twenty minutes. I wept and wept. These strangers were my blood. (All strangers are our blood somewhere back down the line). As the live, full orchestra boomed, tinkled and marched on, frame after frame, the reality of our stupidity came back to me. I wept some more.

I know for a fact that anguish is what refugees and soldiers and grieving wives and mothers-to-be are hand down to the next generations. It is 100 years since this film was shot and we have learnt nothing it seems to me.

They fought with their lives for a united Europe. Metaphorically are we not spitting in their faces? And what about those trees on Anzac Parade in Sydney which were planted to eternalise them. It is the same thing. The micro informs the macro. We divorce Europe, we tear down memory. We tear down trees, we divorce the dead. It is all poetry, nasty, paradoxical poetry. We cut off from a brother or sister? The ripples move away from us and eventually join the tidal wave somewhere on the planet. Everything, everyone is connected.

We keep funding the ammunitions industries instead of feeding people. We turn down helpless innocents squeezed into boats on treacherous seas in their search for hope…hope to live, simple as that. Or we incarcerate them and leave them with Doctors whose voices we mute, who are not allowed to speak up about the ten year old rape victim they treat, or the boy who refuses to speak ever since having seen his own father tortured and then shot at point range and left to lie in the dirt. On it goes on it goes.

We in the Western world contributed to that war without taking any responsibility for it now. We simply turn our backs? And the politicians who actually do GOOD for the community and give us all hope, get shot in the street by the very weapons her own government funded. Whilst our small-minded, visionless politicians rise to power and feed the whirlwind of racist fascism sweeping the world just like it did 100 years ago.

And we bitch behind each others backs. And gripe about the petty details of nothing. Divorce a man or woman we once loved and then declare war on him/ her. And we take offence at innocuous jokes. Or the way someone else chooses to live. Or what they believe (let’s face it – none of us knows the Truth). We get offended?! Really? All this little stuff feeds the bigger picture, you know? It all matters.

Just let each other be. Don’t name-call each other, call one another on their actions with wisdom and grace instead of simply calling your sister or brother an idiot and waving it off like that takes care of it. Don’t pass your domestic wars down the line, particularly if you were partially responsible for them in any way. You probably don’t understand their perspective, their story, their pain…even if you think you do…if you are so busy judging or misunderstanding them then you don’t. It all feeds the war, do you see? Butterfly effect. It is real.

Every single little moment. Pages of history. Why can’t we talk to each other? Or just make music and art and emulate beauty…finding peace our own little ways.

Shame on us. Lest we forget. Kindness folks. Please, gentle kindness.


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Riding the Wave – how you can help

My only recourse these days, during tough times, is to create and create and dream and water those blooms in the hope that they will flourish.

My novel manuscript is currently being edited. The Siren of Paris has been a long labour of love for me and it will get published. Stay tuned.

My Shower Singer Choir Clubs in London have joined hands and formed a healing circle of love.

I may be sofa-surfing…my life in temporary storage…and moving about like a gypsy these days but this unsettled time is temporary. In any case, I am never without a roof over my head and love all about in my heart.

I still believe in the power of belief and do the inner work it takes to keep positive despite all odds.

This is where you come in! Yes, you can help. Buy albums…give them as gifts. Enjoy them the old fashioned way. Yes my songs are on iTunes but it’s even better to have the album hot in your hand, right? The links are all here.

Get in touch with me personally at if you wish to know about any of the albums or stories or would like an interview or any such thing.

We artists keep singing, writing, painting, dreaming no matter what – but to know we are being heard – that is another feat all together. Thank you for your support. Keep up your tra la la. FREYjA

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Things were not feeling on the up that day. I almost cancelled the shoot, which had been booked with Fashion Rox two months before through Living Social. Turns out, however, that feeling vulnerable and despondent is actually a good thing on the day of a shoot with a bunch of professionals. Makeup by Jerry, Styling by Andrea, Photos by Enzo. Bless you, Enzo, you made me feel so at ease and the speed at which you worked did not give me time for capsizing too far into my head. It was fun and I got to say, I have never much looked forward to shoots if truth be known.

Only downside was that I had to choose the shots so quickly from the collection, because they do not keep them on their hard drive. Wish I had taken someone along with me to help me sort through them, in case I missed some goodies.

Hopefully the main head shot will be the shot I end up using on the back of my novel…yes…back to work now.

_MG_1125-1 copy_MG_1178-5 copy

_MG_1244-15 copy

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Wonder of Life

Yes it is true, fellow soul divers. I have been under a spell this last year. It is a long time since I appeared on stage. I guess you could say, life took some rather unpredictable turns, as it does, but that would be putting it mildly.

The road to healing is long but sure. Much of the path leads me under the ocean…a dark, tumultuous place riddled with beauty too. Drawing off its deep stillness I discover that the wonder of creativity abides there.

My courage to sing is returning…all those FREYjA songs are still alive in me….and in the meantime, as many of you know, I am running several choirs in London, which keep the ripples of joy nourishing me.

In the meantime, however, I am incarnating my creativity by a different flame – no longer lighting the piano keys – I have moved the candelabra – it sits alongside the ink-pot for a time.

Some of you are already familiar with my poetry and my prose…I have two novels on the run and the one I am focused on completing is called Sirens of the Seine. It is about many things but mostly about the power of creativity to heal. Centuries of war, betrayal, loss….the sirens are determined to sing…not to lure sailors to their deaths, as the false myth-makers would have us believe, but to blow the breath of peace throughout the ages…to share the wonder of life and grace with mankind.

That he mishears their song and fights on despite her efforts to love him through the muses, is no fault of the siren.

Follow her on twitter Siren of the Seine – @sirenoftheseine

You can continue to support the artist’s journey by buying FREYjA CDs at CD Baby and all the tracks are on iTunes. Leave comments. Retweet. Follow/like on Facebook. All the links are here.

Blessings from this siren, still on her odyssey within and without
FREYjA (aka Rebecca Hickey Rennie)

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Farewell You Mean Lean ’15

It has been a terrible year. Creatively, personally, unhealthily. I have no more to say about this year. Except to Farewell Dad – the Magician of all Magicians.

We wrote our song, the Magician, together for my second album The Siren’s Odyssey. He was no musician, my Dad, but he sure was a poet. I will never forget the moment in the vocal booth at Sony Studios in Darlinghurst Sydney, all those years ago…I still hadn’t completed the final verse and chorus…I wanted the final chorus to change, to evolve somehow, but I had no ideas. Then our engineer (Ross Ahern) held something up, a bunch of pages his assistant had just retrieved from the fax machine (yes fax machines!)…it was from my father, Michael John Hickey…he had written the final verse and chorus for me…exactly at the moment we were recording. You always come through, Dad. Even from up there you are now sending me little miracles…your eternity faxes.

We played The Magician at his funeral. The sky whirled, a storm caved us in, but the music soared at full volume through the Norfolk Pines and as if his very voice was reverberating beneath the sea to meet his song on the wind, a fierce white-wash of waves tumbled into Lennox Head, reminding us all of the Surfing Champion of Europe, as he once was in 1963.

He says it all here…and I am listening…

Come some strange apparition
To tell you what’s so
You listen, just listen
Magic you’ll know

Life can take you over
Love can set you free
We’re all just reckless rivers
Headed for the sea.

Take it all on
Love can send you wild
You can have it all and more
If you just believe in it, child
You can have it all and more
If you just believe in me, child

Except from FREYjA Song “The Magician”
RIP Michael J Hickey September 2015

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Spring brings promises

Dear Season,
Thank you for bearing with me. I knew you would come, though things almost looked bleak, I was aware that u were there, somewhere, waiting to turn.

Songs are being licensed, royalties are being reaped. Other songs are being pitched.

One of my novels, Tilting the Doll, is being looked at by the right people and the most perfect feedback has come my way…feedback which is guiding me directly toward publication because the due changes are being made.

The first of seven Paris Bear children’s books will be an E Book soon and the songs will make it to stage yet. The musical animation is a dream I am ever reaching towards it. An important meeting is on its way, which could find our bear taking his next steps toward that dream.

The creative, tumultuous process is agonising at times, but it is all part of the endless healing necessary to learn and grow. So grateful to be catapulted back upon my true path.

x FREYjA x Ever blessed

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