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(14) Andre
Wed 25 August 2010


I just returned from a few days in Paris, much needed, gorgeous over there as usual.

Hey thanks so much for a great night, it went well and your musicians were great too.

Best of luck with the Dean St gig, the flyer looks the bomb...

Speak real soon,

Andre x

(13) Kathy
Wed 25 August 2010

...And I will be there when you play at The Basement definitely, I love your music, its beautiful. I love the basement, I go there all the time, love Jazz and live music.I know it’s a hard life, when you’re an artist ! But I am sure doing what you love is more important than money !!Best of luck with it all.(My life on the other hand, is like groundhog day, every day ! Sydney is my fishbowl LOL)

(12) John Shrimpton
Fri 20 August 2010


Thanks for a great evening of music last night, you really are a special talent.

I am emailing you a couple of photos that I wanted to share with you.

Kind Regards, John

(11) M & S
Tue 17 August 2010

I treated my friend Matt to the night at Wet Fish as a VERY belated combined birthday and Christmas present, and he said in his e-mail this morning that "That was the best birthday and Christmas I think I ever had". :-) I'll be coming to Pizza Express!

(10) Shaun
Tue 17 August 2010

Wet Fish was a jolly good evening...your singing was most impressive. And you looked ravishing.

I shall try to get some people together for Pizza Express in October.

See you soon. Kisses, Shaun

Mon 16 August 2010

It's 9.30 pm Sunday night n we've been listening to your soul for a couple of hours. Looking forward to whatever comes this way next .xxxxx

(8) adrian
Mon 16 August 2010

All the best for Monday -have listened to some samples from your tracks and I think they're great, so very much hoping to make one of your live performances in the future. All the best Adrian x

(7) Tan
Sat 14 August 2010

Love that video of you at Pizza on the Park on youtube! Love it!! One of your best. Up beat, funky and light. I like it a lot!! Very cool! and you look hot!!HOT!!

Love Tan xxx

(6) Chris Cody
Wed 28 July 2010

Hope you had a great night. I really enjoyed myself, and had lots of positive feedback about the gig: especially your singing, the band and the choice of material! so there you are!
I'm glad it all came together well, you should follow them up for another one!
Love Chris

(5) johnny
Sat 24 July 2010

i just want to know
ur songs are really good
but The Magician
... is just
one of the most beautiful pieces i have ever heard
just wondering if u are a water sign
its really amazing
or if the guy u were singing about
what was his sign/birthday
you might think astrology is bs.. idk
but if u could let me know.. then thanks

great songs
love your voice
good luck to you

(4) James
Sat 17 July 2010

I really enjoyed the concert and posted that it was "great" on your FB photo. James

(3) Jeremy
Sun 11 July 2010

Thx for being who you are, your presence and energy on stage, warm voice, smooth and beautiful dancing (very important for the audience, they love it) accurate and passionate listening of your musicians solos (It's one of the things I love about you, you are truly into what's happening from the others on stage)

(2) Geraldine
Fri 9 July 2010

bravo bravo bravo tu etais superbe hier, quelle voix, et quel son, c etait fantastique, quelle prestation, dear!!

(1) Olivier
Fri 9 July 2010

Thank you for your very moving was a beautiful evening!xxx


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