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(29) Padre
Thu 27 April 2017

Just back from your gig and wanted to say thank you for such a great night. What a talent you are. It was lovely to observe the joy you all had playing together...

(28) marcus h
Mon 29 April 2013

Hi Bec,
I had a conversation the other night with a guy called Ben who said he has some contacts in paramount studios that might be interested in your songs i passed your website onto him.
hope they see the light

(27) Susan Jeffers
Mon 7 February 2011

Dear FREYjA…

Your beautiful feedback means so much to me…Thank you…thank you…thank you…

From my heart to yours…
Susan Jeffers

(26) Gill Rocca
Wed 12 January 2011

I've just been watching - and listening to your performance of The Magician on YouTube. It's a beautiful and poignant song and you have a lovely voice.

I'm a real fan of Antonio Forcione too so a wonderful surprise to hear his gorgeous guitar playing. Years ago I used to play records at a bar in London called the Tearooms Des Artistes on Sundays, a mix of jazz, folk and downtempo and I would always have his Celebration album with me.

Anyway, I really enjoyed The Magician so wanted to let you know!

(25) Shaun Bruwer
Wed 12 January 2011

I came to your show at the Pizza Express and it was great.
Anyway, I wanted to say that I have been listening to your album "This Girl" friend Sue bought it at your Pizza Express gig...and it is GREAT! I really love it.

Let me know when you have more shows...Shuan

(24) Leslie
Thu 21 October 2010

Your show was absolutely breathtaking. You look stunning on the stage, and the music was totally beautiful - we were both very moved by it, and it was the best way to spend my birthday!
Well done you!

(23) Yoke
Wed 20 October 2010

So true!! It was a beautiful evening, Fold your hands.. my favourite xx

(22) Allen
Wed 20 October 2010

So a full house at The Pizza Express - congratulations! I enjoyed myself and it looked like you did too - and did I overhear that you sold all your albums? A lovely night (and a good pizza :o)

(21) Brooke
Mon 18 October 2010

Despite the fact that you hear from me via direct emails periodically, I just wanted to publicly congratulate you on what (I read) was a tremendous show a couple of nights ago. I see that the audience was (naturally) spellbound.... or is that FREYjAbound....

I cannot speak for the legion of adoring fans you no doubt have but from one little friend far, far away, I would like to say how wonderful I think you are - a gorgeous piece of wit, brilliance and delight, all delightfully packaged with a bunch of other traits too numerous to mention.

Bundles of love,

(20) Sam Seal
Mon 18 October 2010

Congrats on your Pizza Express performance.
I think it's fair to say that the audience was spellbound.

Maybe you are a mermaid after all. Or a siren. Indeed. It was wonderful, and life-enhancing.

I'm normally pretty articulate, but I really struggled to come up with a set of words to express how I enjoyed it.

The audience - their attention was rapt - wrapped around the extraordinary collection of talents on show.

(19) Ali
Sat 16 October 2010

WOW!!!! You were fantastic on Thursday! A great atmosphere, great songs and what a talented group you have. As an x-classical guitar player, I especially loved Antonio's playing. It was a really brilliant evening and I'm loving the CD. Ali

(18) Michelle R London
Sat 16 October 2010

We enjoyed your show. My favourite song is The Magician

(17) Jo Jo
Fri 15 October 2010

Just back from your gig and wanted to say thank you for such a great night. What a talent you are. It was lovely to observe the joy you all had playing together... Words don't really do tonight justice. So will just say thank you and will get clicking and pushing those buttons on itunes in due course.... will spread the word... x
Jo Jo

(16) Jon Eric
Tue 14 September 2010

Im in the states, Maryland. I stumbled acrossed the video on youtube... And I watch it everyday! :) Truely wonderful music you put out! Aspires me everyday, The Majicacian song, quite loverly! Is ashame I may never see you play live.. :( I planning a long vacation to Brittany in 2013, but im sure ya"ll won't be around there.. So anything you guy's can send would be much appreciated. Links, pics, songs, etc, etc.. Again I just love the mellow tones you put out, really what music is all about! Jon Eric,

(15) Sam Seal
Wed 8 September 2010

Watched your video. The music's sublime.

That's all I have to say at this time!


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