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In all communication FREYjA is treated like a trademark and spelt all caps but for the j (which is NOT pronounced)


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“Every word and gesture is poetic; on stage her music is sheer magic” Music Review Magazine

“FREYjA had the audience demanding more. FREYjA herself brings incredible emotion to the music through her passionate character & physical enthusiasm. She is a talented songwriter & a wonderful singer….occasions for an artist like this will surely create themselves” Inpress, Sydney

“This emerging nouveau-jazz diva is resplendent. The audience fairly erupted, enraptured, they cheered. It simply was not long enough to quench my wont of more of this emergingly popular artist. Lovers of jazz from traditional to the new West Coast style will find FREYjA just what they have been lacking locally for far too long!” PG Jacky Gleeson (Music Review Magazine, Sydney)

“Blessed with that sultry voice & a captivating magnetism, FREYjA has wooed audiences throughout the world on many different stages, including Montreux Festival. Her songs may be melancholic at times but her deliver is uplifting & her poignant lyrics are breath-taking. FREYjA is a cross between Dido & Norah Jones.”

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Every word and gesture is poetic; on stage her music is sheer magic.

Back for one concert in Sydney only. After eight years immersed in the European music scene, living in London and Paris where she wrote and recorded her two most recent albums, FREYjA’s seductive style blending jazz with world soul never fails to mesmerize audiences and fans.

From Montreux Festival to Rome, New York to Amsterdam – this award-winning singer/songwriter has played to sell-out audiences throughout the world.

An intrepid wordsmith, FREYjA’s highly original lyrics are drawn from her inspired adventures around the globe, from saddling horses in the Ecuadorian Andes, meditating in Kyoto to treading the boards at The Sydney Opera House – both her poetry and melody take the listener to new heights.

FREYjA is currently taking her writing into the literary world with her first novel and a children’s book just completed.

FREYjA live in UK (updated May 2012)
Antonio Forcione (Guitar)
Peter Dale (Piano)
Johnny Gee (Bass)
Paul Robinson (Drums)
Luca Boscagin (Guitar)

FREYjA live in AUSTRALIA (Updated May 2012)
Sean Mackenzie (piano)
Gino Pengue (guitar)
Miroslav Bukovsky (flugelhorn and trumpet)
Peter Firth (bass)
Nic Cecire (drums)

FREYjA live in FRANCE (Updated December 2011)
Chris Cody (Piano)
Martin Gribz (Bass)
Jeremy Nattagh (Drums)
Marc Bollengier (Bass)
Julien Ome (Guitar)
Kubix (Guitar)

LINK TO STAGE SPECS (Updated 2010)