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Song For The Siren

Excerpt from FREYjA’s new Song For the Siren (first song she’s brought me for three years)   There’s a way through all of this It’s not for you to wonder how Just hold on close for the prize it is Then catch the wind, For there’s a boat coming now   So go there now, […]
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The journey is both magical and strange…

I had the great honour recently, of being taken to Sicily for a week’s holiday with twenty beautiful souls, from all over the world. I worked daily on the first draft of my novel, the Siren Odyssey, which is halfway through its first edit and will be ready to present at the York Writers Festival. I […]
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Looking Back

I haven’t been posting much, my friends. I’m sorry for that. The Siren’s Odyssey – my first novel and my five little choir projects (including a music book series) have been taking up all my creative time. My friend just put this on and I watched it for the first time. Dad wrote the last […]
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FREYjA at The Ritz

Thank you for all your private messages requesting a public concert! My apologies for disappearing these last couple of years. Life takes us to the fork in the road at times forcing us off the path and through the woods until we arrive, once again, to a clearing where we can choose another path in […]
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CD Stock Clearance

Hello my people! Who can keep up in this day and age? Certainly not I! It has only just now come to my attention that the links on the sales page are not working. Well my friends – this is where you step in! Now that the links to CD Baby are back up and […]
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Cover The Hole

There are some songs I still revisit – I play them to myself on piano or guitar by candlelight in solitude. This is one of them. I remember exactly where I was sitting, in Chatou, outside Paris, on a piano stool, at a grand piano (but playing guitar – which I do not often do, […]
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Fare Ye Well and Good Riddance 2016

Ok, so it wasn’t all bad, that is true, but it was pretty ghastly at times. Very hard work, was 2016. You may be wondering where I have been since my last post all those months ago. Well, I’ve been focusing on my choirs. I have four of them now – two for kids and […]
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Turning the Full Circle

To the Full Circle: Finding certain synchronicities and connections in life so filled with mystery all I can do is wonder at them. One can be intimate with both the might and the vulnerability of the entire universe in one instant. I believe this is what a large portion of the world refers to as […]
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Battle of The Somme Commemoration

Battle of The Somme commemoration. I will preface this by saying that my mother is German and my father British (grew up in Australia) and that both parents lost their fathers in WWII. They met in the sixties in London at a central tube station. The legacies of WWI WWII and ALL wars before have […]
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Riding the Wave – how you can help

My only recourse these days, during tough times, is to create and create and dream and water those blooms in the hope that they will flourish. My novel manuscript is currently being edited. The Siren of Paris has been a long labour of love for me and it will get published. Stay tuned. My Shower […]
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