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Stuff is Under Reconstruction

Get on the mailing List  Go to BUY for digital albums on iTunes Or LISTEN for soundcloud samples Our distributor CDBaby went under (unsurprisingly) NB When you listen on Spotify (the artist gets approx .00007 cents per play!) To be notified of NEW POSTS click on the orange RSS Feed top right.
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Lockdown Album Still in Progress

I haven’t vanished! The Lockdown Album is burning bright. But soon we’re going to need your help to keep the star of hope shining. So join the mailing list by emailing Contact Listen Here: THE FURNACE RECORDINGS They can lockdown an artist’s body but never the spirit. It’s been a challenging time for us all. […]
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New! Song For The Siren

What a six months it’s been. Right? Tough on everyone, that’s for sure, but us creatives we  keep on keeping on. As the Nichiren Buddhists say: “Turn poison into medicine.” For those of you wondering what I’ve been doing. I’ve finally finished one of my manuscripts. Yes! A novel I have been working on for over […]
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Song To The Some in A World on Fire

As an Australian / British girl raised between Sydney and the Southern Highlands in NSW I grew up with horses. I used to ride through the bush amidst herds of kangaroos. That was my life. My holidays were spent surfing everywhere I could, up and down the coast, from Sydney to Byron Bay to QLD’s […]
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Lady Amazon

  New song (work in progress only – still unmixed) for FREYjA’s new album “The Furnace Recordings”. Thanks to the incomparable Producer + Drummer Paul Robinson – this song has been through many incarnations. I first wrote it in the 90s. After I returned from living in Ecuador for six months. I was already upset […]
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Ode to Anniversaries

This new song makes eleven in as many months, after a ten year gap of no songwriting at all. I wrote it on the 11th August after two weeks of trying to track down someone close who went awol and also going through the anniversary of something else a little sad. I wonder what they conjure up […]
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FREYjA’s Song Showcase

FREYjA played live in London at long last in June. As many of you know, I had not been on stage with my original material since my darling Pa passed. Things sure can knock the wind out of your sails. Well, it had been too long! I sang just four songs at piano with a […]
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How to Write a Song

ONE WEEK AT A TIME. Day Two: How to Write a Song: This is the age, for my generation, of parents passing over to the other side. A sad time filled with heavy-hearts, long farewells and sudden traumatising news. I’m trying to get to Australia to see my mother but it’s just not that simple…nor […]
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Out of the Hearts of Babes

ONE WEEK AT A TIME. DAY ONE: A New song: she is nine years old and she sings me a song she wrote. there are no words to the tune yet but she sings a wonderful melody. at that same age (me at same age in photo) i recall playing a composition to my piano […]
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The Muse is Back: Songwriting Once More

  DAY SEVEN: A New song: I remember you You’re the one who lets the hem fall Leaves it fraying Despite what the Dress-police say about Kids in odd socks.   I remember you You’re my favourite pair of shoes Cracked and ragged With scuffed toes and wobbly heels. You’re that pair I won’t let […]
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