Lockdown Album Still in Progress

I haven’t vanished!

The Lockdown Album is burning bright. But soon we’re going to need your help to keep the star of hope shining. So join the mailing list by emailing Contact

Listen Here:


They can lockdown an artist’s body but never the spirit. It’s been a challenging time for us all. As an artist myself, I’ve always believed my mission is to inspire. To spread hope for peace and conciliation person to person, neighbour to neighbour, nation to nation, in any way I can. Through words and music. That’s my form of activism.

Now more than ever, we creatives need to gather our hopes for a better world together with our creative vision. I am thrilled to report, that despite the limitations and at times agonising confinement I have managed to complete two books, one album and my children’s musical.

The album is particularly close to my heart. We have recorded it together apart – in London, Cambridge, Madrid, Hertfordshire and Australia! Paul Robinson (Nina Simone for 20 years, Van Morrison and more) has produced it and provided his unique drumming style…that rare class and sensitivity which I have been honoured to work with for 12 years.

I am out of work and the savings are depleted. I will be running a Crowdfunding Campaign to keep going. So please be on the lookout.

If you are not already subscribed, then please do so. Via the above link, or contact us on Social Media links above top right. (Myspace & RSS Feed are currently under reconstruction) Comments below too. Let us hear from you!

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