New! Song For The Siren

What a six months it’s been. Right? Tough on everyone, that’s for sure, but us creatives we  keep on keeping on. As the Nichiren Buddhists say: “Turn poison into medicine.”

For those of you wondering what I’ve been doing. I’ve finally finished one of my manuscripts. Yes! A novel I have been working on for over six years. Draft One of Tilting The Doll is completed.

What’s more, my new (mostly remotely) recorded album, The Furnace Recordings, is now eight songs in. Song For The Siren is my newest song. (link in photo or below) Producer/ Drummer Paul Robinson never ceases to astound me. He is a master at creating spellbinding worlds around a song. No doubt, this is just one of the many reasons Nina Simone loved working with him. I am honoured, as ever.

Humbled too by Luca Boscagin, who laid down the most perfect, emotive guitar tracks from his home studio.

The photo should link you to soundcloud where you can leave comments about the song. Let us know which artists it reminds you of. Emotions it evokes. Genres you feel it falls within. A song such as this will be pitched to several Licensing Companies around the world, in the hope that it will be exploited/placed in a series/ film/ ad. All your feedback is helpful for us to know where to aim it in our submissions to publishers etc.

More very soon. The muse is back. Stay creative, people. Dig deep and fill your lives with love, poetry and music. FREYjA
Song For The Siren

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