Why I Run Choir Clubs

DAY FOUR: These days I get more and more calls and emails asking me for private singing lessons. I used to teach singing one-on-one but I did not enjoy it so I stopped and now only teach groups.

The X Factor culture has changed people’s perceptions of what singing is about. Namely instant stardom. There are many reasons I won’t go into as to why private, one-on-one lessons do not rock my boat but one thing I will say is that, for me, it is an entirely different prospect teaching a group of voices to harmonise. I LOVE DOING THAT!

I have decided that (unless you are an opera singer) group singing is the only way to really learn what your authentic voice is about. In my opinion, it is only in a singing group/choir up setting that one effortlessly learns to get one’s self-consciousness and ego out of the way in order to:

  • Learn to listen to the most important factor in the equation – THE MUSIC – THE SONG – because one is not listening to one’s own voice but rather, something bigger than themselves
  • Learn how to fit into an overall sound
  • What scales mean and why they are important when harmonising
  • Develop a resonance of one’s own
  • Learn how to harmonise
  • Learn about and develop skills at rhythm
  • Further develop how to read music
  • How to identify Time signatures
The only students I take on one-on-one are students preparing for a one-off special performance/ audition or students who play piano with me. Sometimes I will take on someone who has been with my choirs and singing clubs for a number of years. Or I will do an introductory session with a new singing club member if only to help them get a handle on the repertoire and my particularly approach to singing.  If you are curious to know what kind of exercises I endorse I suggest you google Seth Riggs. His approach is so unique
By the way, if you are in London I would love to hear from you.  Perhaps you would like to join or form a singing club in your area? Or maybe you’d like a singing club in France over the summer for your community. It’s a great way to improve your English. Then leave a comment below. All you need is a minimum of 12 singers to start a singing club with me. I may already have singers in your ‘hood who are waiting for enough people to form one. See referrals and feedback at the Quirky Choirs Website  You (or your child) will learn:

  • Basic scales
  • The way the voice works & what kind of voice you (or your child) has
  • The language of music
  • From every decade of the last century
  • What your voce limitations are, if any!
  • Counter rhythms

Musically Yours and in the name of Tra La La
FREYjA (aka Rebecca Rennie

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