FREYjA at The Ritz


Thank you for all your private messages requesting a public concert! My apologies for disappearing these last couple of years. Life takes us to the fork in the road at times forcing us off the path and through the woods until we arrive, once again, to a clearing where we can choose another path in the same wonder-filled creative landscape but with a new vantage point.

It had been several years since I had performed in any capacity before last week. Then I was invited to sing at The Ritz dinner celebrating John Guthrie receiving his OBE from the Queen. I tapped back into my little well of confidence and sang my heart out with, whom I consider, two of the best musicians in London town. Jonny Gee & Luca Boscagin. It was a heart-warming, moving night. John Guthrie and I performed Madeira M’Dear which was hilarious fun and topical – right!? Mr Guthrie performed with aplomb and we even got a few laughs.

The reason I am sharing this here is because I am ready to take bookings again. Aside from my FREYjA songs I have a repertoire of 200 standards, bossanovas and cabaret numbers to choose from and will play with full band or trio. It brings me such joy. Book us for an event or at your venue. And watch the space for some upcoming public performances on the cards in 2018.

Musically yours, Rebecca Rennie (aka FREYjA)

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