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Hello my people!
Who can keep up in this day and age? Certainly not I! It has only just now come to my attention that the links on the sales page are not working. Well my friends – this is where you step in! Now that the links to CD Baby are back up and running I need you to take stock and double check DO YOU HAVE ALL THE FREYjA ALBUMS. There are currently four on sale and we need to clear “FREYjA with Rebecca Rennie” and “Not That Girl” urgently – before I can get my next album up there.

Surely some of you are old school enough to enjoy the occasional hard copy of an album? “Not That Girl” even has a little diary in the booklet about the recording process.

Here is the link to CD Baby: BUY NOW! No matter where you are in the world, the albums should arrive within a week. Prices have been cut to encourage you. Every little bit helps this artist out so awfully very much.

Only the other day I received this beautiful message from someone in Australia who said they had walked into a shop in a village in the countryside and my music was playing. It is an incredible feeling to know that I am sleeping on one side of the world whilst my spirit is singing on the other! Thank you in advance for enjoying my songs. Eternally in music & poetry. FREYjA

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