Fare Ye Well and Good Riddance 2016

Ok, so it wasn’t all bad, that is true, but it was pretty ghastly at times. Very hard work, was 2016.

You may be wondering where I have been since my last post all those months ago.

Well, I’ve been focusing on my choirs. I have four of them now – two for kids and two for adults plus a summer camp in Europe coming up.

Arranging choir songs like fury – from every decade of the twentieth century. Basking in the smiles and warmth which comes from working with folk  who love to sing, who lap up the learning and who bring me so much joy. We did our first little gig this year at the pub which was the first pub Bob Dylan played in London.

Also putting a little project together hiring buskers from all over London (and hopefully the world eventually) to record different versions of the FREYjA song The Magician. In memory of my Dad.

My novel is getting closer to completion. 120,000 words now. The committed hunt for an agent will start for true this year. As soon as first draft is completed.

I have not been on stage for a long time. I have to admit I do not know when I will next find the courage to do so. I had an accident which set me back somewhat, even more poignantly, I lost some souls who were very dear to me indeed. Life sometimes takes the wind out of one’s sails but one must ever-count the blessings left behind in the fallout. There is much  healing to be done yet.

Slowly but surely. Onward spiritual soldiers.

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