Wonder of Life

Yes it is true, fellow soul divers. I have been under a spell this last year. It is a long time since I appeared on stage. I guess you could say, life took some rather unpredictable turns, as it does, but that would be putting it mildly.

The road to healing is long but sure. Much of the path leads me under the ocean…a dark, tumultuous place riddled with beauty too. Drawing off its deep stillness I discover that the wonder of creativity abides there.

My courage to sing is returning…all those FREYjA songs are still alive in me….and in the meantime, as many of you know, I am running several choirs in London, which keep the ripples of joy nourishing me.

In the meantime, however, I am incarnating my creativity by a different flame – no longer lighting the piano keys – I have moved the candelabra – it sits alongside the ink-pot for a time.

Some of you are already familiar with my poetry and my prose…I have two novels on the run and the one I am focused on completing is called Sirens of the Seine. It is about many things but mostly about the power of creativity to heal. Centuries of war, betrayal, loss….the sirens are determined to sing…not to lure sailors to their deaths, as the false myth-makers would have us believe, but to blow the breath of peace throughout the ages…to share the wonder of life and grace with mankind.

That he mishears their song and fights on despite her efforts to love him through the muses, is no fault of the siren.

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Blessings from this siren, still on her odyssey within and without
FREYjA (aka Rebecca Hickey Rennie)

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