Spring brings promises

Dear Season,
Thank you for bearing with me. I knew you would come, though things almost looked bleak, I was aware that u were there, somewhere, waiting to turn.

Songs are being licensed, royalties are being reaped. Other songs are being pitched.

One of my novels, Tilting the Doll, is being looked at by the right people and the most perfect feedback has come my way…feedback which is guiding me directly toward publication because the due changes are being made.

The first of seven Paris Bear children’s books will be an E Book soon and the songs will make it to stage yet. The musical animation is a dream I am ever reaching towards it. An important meeting is on its way, which could find our bear taking his next steps toward that dream.

The creative, tumultuous process is agonising at times, but it is all part of the endless healing necessary to learn and grow. So grateful to be catapulted back upon my true path.

x FREYjA x Ever blessed

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  1. Michaela Harley
    Posted October 12, 2017 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    Keep dipping your pen into pain which you have no right to claim, take no responsibility for the pain you have inflicted butterfly. Credit to you, sing from the rooftops the evil you have endured in order to justify your actions, Fat lady hasn’t sung yet. NTF not to forget.

  2. freyja
    Posted May 26, 2018 at 8:34 pm | Permalink

    I only just now saw this message you left me on my website for the first time. You speak of my actions?! I came to Australia in immense pain and in utter, inconsolable grief only to find my father’s home filled with hatred. You took advantage of my brother’s state, skitching him onto me as if he were your faithful dog. And he is still under your deceitful spell; we all know what he stands to gain for staying there. You swiftly bundled everything you could, under your black wing and then put on your bizarre victim act. I am the one whose actions are wrong? I still can’t believe how twisted your own actions and spite and greed have been. It blows my mind. I have done nothing at all against you or him. The outrageous lies you have fed Dad’s son and everyone – even the law courts. The unnecessary legal cases you have taken against me. The mind boggles. You are so wrong in all and everything you perceive. You were so swift to show your true colours after his passing. And the two things he bequeathed to me which you denied, in legal documents, even existed! I have nothing now but my creativity and my hope – that is what this post above was about. And my pen is being dipped in a childhood pain you know nothing about. You have all your unwarranted suspicions and fears and a fiscal wealth beyond measure, which you could have, and should have shared with his children. You know full well that Dad sold everything abroad after the international financial crisis. You have everything now. So why do you still allow Marcus to believe that I reaped even a morsel of his former assets? Can you even imagine the grief of losing such a father? Then losing his son as well? Losing my belief and trust in you, as a good, honest, true person…all in one fell swoop. I will indeed dip my pen in that story too one day. You fearful, terrifying example of spite. Such active hatred is beyond my ken. You never even shed a tear for the man who’s plug you pulled before his daughters could see him in his last days. We all saw you in the week after you took him off life-support, every one of us, not a single tear. Not a word of sorrow did I hear leave your lips. And then you locked us out, within one week.

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