Keeping up with Technology – eeeeek

Yes, I know, I have been a very unbloggy blogger. And yes, FREYjA CD sales have waned because of it. Even though I am not performing live at the moment, I never stop working – so fear not – I am still in the land of creativity. It is just that my star is orbiting a little further from its usual stratosphere.

Keeping up with technology whilst simultaneously living on the ground is a challenge. CD Baby is always doing me favours…I realised recently that I had not collected payment on about a year worth of sales! So that was a coup…like finding cash in the pocket of those old jeans…

…Seem to be getting airplay all over the world on Jango Radio which is fun – in countries I have certainly never been to and some I have – like Egypt – where I have certainly never performed live, though I have certainly sung there in the market, a little out of it with my mother.

It’s a funny thought – my music being heard in the remotest of outposts. I love technology on that score, but I do wish it would bring in some more revenue! Reverbnation seems to attract fans as well.

More on its way. I promise to blog a little more regularly. There is lots going on at ground level for me and I do want to share it with you so please stay-tuned.

Forever blessed.

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