Life With My Choirs

So! Many of you wondering where I have been recently…I run an annual choir camp in Provence and it is now over for the summer. It was exhausting…it was hard work….and it was utterly wonderful…surpassed everyone’s expectations, even mine. We ended up doing 13 songs at the concert, eight of which I arranged in the simplest harmonies I could…the choir did me proud! After our daily workshops, some of the French had trouble getting their tongues around the lyrics but that’s what they were there for after all, to improve their English. The mayor came to the final concert and it is all go ahead for next year again.

I also sang as a duo with Peter Peter Piano Eater, a couple of little gigs in a friend’s 800 year old home and several times in the Place du Palais which was like heaven under the Provencial blue sky with the most gushing audiences ever. I am always very moved by the way the French respond to artists. I forget how much I miss their warmth until I come back and sing for them.

My work now done, I am officially on holidays. Drove 7 hours across the south of France. Was so happy to relax, I could not help myself, I burst into song at a table in the square. Most unexpectedly, the entire square, bar, restaurant went silent, and I realised that they were all listening to me and people had started clicking. I continued singing till the 800 year old walls and cobble-stones seemed to reverberate my voice back through the chasms of time. Could have heard a pin drop…or as the Frenchman said at the next table “One could have heard a fly fall” ….a magic memory for me in a town which has meant so much to me over the years.

Blessed, well and truly loving my life. Thank you…x

Keep buying those albums people! Every little helps.

ps. apparently I am being flown back in two weeks to sing for 80 guests in Provence at an architect friend’s 50th birthday…I am his birthday present, it would seem. Ahhhhhhhhh….

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