Aussie Rock Songbook Interpretations

I am doing a FREYjA night of Australian Rock classics with my London band…We are going to be interpreting some mighty ‘anthems’ in swing/ latin/ blues grooves…FREYjA marries the rock edge (!!) so to speak.

The point of the exercise is to shine a bright light on the genius craft behind the songwriting of such epic hits.

We have included on our final list the artists below. Yes! there are lots missing, but this is it for now. Still, suggestions are coming in left right and centre so we are very open to ideas if you have a song by one of the missing artists below that you think could be interpreted in our style then please, give us a holler at FREYjA’s Facebook

****Divinyls ****Rose Tattoo*** ****Sherbert******* ***Christine Anu*** ***Divinyls ***Dragon ***Gangajang ***Paul Kelly** ***Ross Wilson*** **Dragon*** *Midnight Oil*** Cold Chisel ****Easybeats ****Gangajang ****Go Betweens ****Nick Cave ****The Waifs ****Yothu Yindi***Billy Thorpe***Hunters and Collectors***Skyhooks***Ted Mulry Gang

The date and venue are yet to be announced…if you want to keep up with the news then feel free to ‘like’ the Facebook (above link) and you will get all the latest updates

By the way, we are doing some teasers – I will perform four of the songs from the above list at my Pheasantry Concert on 6th June 2013!

Go in peace

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